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Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Commitee

P.O. Box 294

Seguin, TX 78156-0294

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance has been conducted in Seguin, TX for twenty-four years.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Planning Committee was organized in 1995 as a non-profit, community based organization to serve as a multi-cultural citizen’s group to help preserve the legacy and example to the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to plan appropriate ceremonies and programs in conjunction with the King Holiday.

The founding board members meet monthly, the entire year to improve and plan events for the upcoming year.

Seguin is a small city, thirty two miles east of San Antonio, TX. The population of this town is 26,000.

The MLK Committee’s annual operating budget ranges between $12,000.00 and $15,000.00. These funds are generated through hard work requesting individual and business contributions, and through ticket sales of the dinner theater. This is the only event that has a charge.

The annual dinner theater, the flagship of the observance, has averaged 400 people since its inception.

Nearly thirty five percent of those in attendance are of other ethnic groups.

This activity is the most enviable activity in the city because it has the most diverse crowd, and is held at Seguin Events Complex on Saturday evening. 

The MLK Committee strongly recommends approval of the request for 501C3 status which will allow this group to continue to press forward to reach the American dream in this community.

The MLK Committee celebrates Dr. King’s birthday with four days of activities.

In prior years, the first evening was dedicated and titled “The Way We Were”, which epics our Negro ancestry from the 1800’s to current times. Over the years, this event realized the participation of our younger generation and young adults, working hand in hand with our senior participants.

In recent years, the first evening has been dedicated to the youth of Seguin, Guadalupe County, and surrounding counties, presenting their unique style with song, dance, and talent.

In 2016, we were honored to have Seguin ISD elementary and middle school choir and music departments participate.

Many hours have been utilized to teach social skills, ways to enrich their lives, vocabulary, finances, and their social life.

This event is free and open to the public, with the donation of a canned good to support our local food pantry.

Day two of MLK Observance begins with soul food tasting in the morning and the dinner theater in the evening.

A variety of favorite hot dishes and desserts that have been a legacy for African Americans are prepared and served to hundreds of Seguinites at the Seguin Events Complex.

An array of historical Negro slave artifacts, means of communication, quilts, weapons, books, and memorabilia are also on display on day two for the viewing of the general public.

This event is also free and open to the public, with the donation of a canned good to support our local food pantry. 

Texas Lutheran University, our local collegiate facility, has been extremely instrumental annually with the life and legacy of Dr. King. On day three students from the university participate, under the leadership of a university professor, by reciting famous readings and speeches of Dr. King. Negro praise music and dance performances are also shared with hundreds in the audience, free of charge.

Day four of the MLK Observance cumulates with our freedom march in downtown Seguin that travels to Texas Lutheran University where a guest speaker addresses an audience of local officials, organizations, leaders, and thousands of community residents, on how to develop skills and build a stronger community for our future generations, for equality and social justices.

To promote our local charitable efforts, the MLK Committee donated and sponsored an entire table of twenty high school students to our annual dinner theater on Saturday night. Tickets for this event are $30.00 per person, pre-sale only. The MLK Committee also sponsored extracurricular activities for Texas Lutheran students to participate at A&M University that provided them with information to improve their student life and getting involved with campus activities.

The MLK Committee has sponsored voter registration, assist children with homework and studying strategies.

Some of the MLK Committee members assist local churches in distributing food to needy families each month.

The work of this committee depends exclusively on the support of individuals, religious and civic organizations, corporations and foundations. The Committee is a totally volunteer organization, with no paid employees or directors, with ongoing programs of local, regional and national interest. We strive to develop a systematic approach to chronic problems of inequality and social deprivation. Doing so takes hard work and commitment on all our parts, and whatever resources, that each of us can help provide.

Our IRS Federal Tax ID Number is: 20-3452151.


Regina Lee,


Committee Members: Regina Lee * Linda Schuler * Joe Patterson * Lynda Redix * Earl L. Moseley, Sr. * Jewel Lewis * Katharine Garcia * Mary Crunk * Melanie Boone * ViAnn Patterson * James Crunk * Roscoe Gonzales * Rodney Durst * Goldie McKinney * Cheryl Greenwood * James Greenwood * Darren Dunn